ARTIST: Joyce O’Connell
Original Design
Size: Length 72 ¼” x Width 57”

The inspiration for this piece came from the movie “The March of the Penguins” where I was in awe of the long march,
the mating and the reproduction process of Emperor Penguins..

These penguins are the largest of all the penguins, and they live and breed, at the beginning of winter, in the coldest climate
on earth on the Antarctic ice.

After mating, the female lays one large egg which is then immediately rolled to the top of the male’s feet.
The egg is then incubated or kept warm on the male’s feet by a thick fold of skin that hangs from the belly of the male.
During the incubation period, the female goes off to the open sea to get food, and then returns to feed the baby chick.
When she comes back from her grueling journey to find food, the male then goes off to get food and returns later so
that both parents can nurture the chick.


Techniques used:

 Machine Applique using a combination of commercial batiks and dyed fabrics
 For the sky and ice background, Raw Edge Applique and Fabric Collage using scraps of “recycled” wedding dress
satin that I dyed with Heat Set Inks
 Fabric Dyeing with either Heat Set Inks or Fabric Dye
 Thread Painting
 Free Motion Quilting on my Domestic Sewing Machine