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1 Day Workshops

ONE DAY WORKSHOP - 9:30 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.


1. Bargello For The Complete Beginner

2. Bargello Wallhanging

3. It's a Twister

4. I Want To Make An Art Quilt - but I cannot Draw

Workshops Descriptions


1 Day Workshops



Workshop Title:                    "BARGELLO FOR THE COMPLETE BEGINNER"
Length of Workshop:              1  Day   
Number of Participants:          Up to 20 (space permitting)
Workshop Fee:                       Yes - for the design chart.
Supplies List:                         Will be supplied prior to class
Level:                                    Beginner level (This class is for the complete beginner)

So, you would like to attempt a bargello, but don’t know where to start?   You need advice on how to select your fabrics, how to place them in the right order to get the right effect?  This is the workshop for YOU.  In this workshop you will learn about color placement and color value in a bargello.  You will learn the method of constructing the “strata” properly, how to sub cut the strips and   keep track of your fabrics,  and then you will construct your own bargello following the design provided by the Instructor.   Beware, this can be addictive, once you know how, you will not stop at one. A $5.00 fee for the design is payable to the instructor.


Bargello for the complete beginner.



Workshop Titlspace " BARGELLO  WALLHANGING"
Length of Workshop:          1  Day   
Number of Participants:      Up to 20 (space permitting)
Workshop Fee:                  Nominal workshop fee will apply for
Supplies List:                    Will be supplied prior to class
Level:                               All levels

The Bargello Technique originates from Tapestry Needlepoint that was very popular in the 1800’s.  The objective of this class is to teach you how to adapt that needlepoint method into fabric using strip piecing.  The effect is stunning, but surprisingly simple.  In this class the Instructor will take you through the basics of how a Bargello Design is constructed.  You will learn how to create a “strata”, by cutting strips and then sub-cutting them into varying widths to create movement in the piece.  You will then build the Bargello design. Suitable for any level.  Size of wall hanging approx. 38” square with borders. A $5.00 fee for the design is payable to the instructor.

Bargello Wallhanging - 1 day workshop by Joyce O'Connell



Workshop Title:                       “ BARGELLO – IT’S A TWISTER”
Length of Workshop:              1 Days   9:00 – 4:00 p.m. each day
Number of Participants:          Up to 20 (space permitting).
Workshop Fee:                       Nominal workshop fee will apply for
Supplies List:                         Will be supplied prior to class
Level:                                   Confident Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Bargello quilts are very dramatic, add a “twist” and achieve a different visual effect.  In this workshop, you will learn how to manipulate strips to create movement in a piece.  Strata are prepared with strips of fabric that are then cut, and sub cut in varying widths to achieve the visual illusion.   Very accurate cutting and piecing is required for this workshop.   Step out of your comfort zone, grab a bunch of fabrics, come and have some “fun”.  You will be surprised easier than it looks!  A fee for the pattern, and a very detailed Enlarged Graphed chart is payable to the Instructor on the first day.




Workshop Title:         “I WANT TO MAKE AN ART QUILT – BUT I CANNOT DRAW”  (This Workshop is Fat Quarter friendly)
Length of Workshop:   1 Day   9:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Number of Participants: Up to 20 (space permitting)
Workshop Fee: $15.00  (for the Original Design/Pattern, and the Foundation Stabilizer used in the construction of  the image).
Supplies List: Will be provided prior to class
Level:     All levels 

So, how many times have you looked at an Art Quilt and wished that you could do one too?  Maybe now is the time!  In this class, you will learn how to select an image, and prepare that image to make it into an Art Quilt.   You will learn about the importance of color value, and the role it plays in giving your work the “WOW” factor.  You don’t need an Art degree,  all things are possible when you know how!  For the purpose of learning  the technique, you will reproduce the image provided by the Instructor.  A $15.00 fee applies for the scaled to size drawing of my original pattern,  and  the foundation stabilizer. This project is scaled to size to be fat quarter friendly.


Art Quilt